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Before coming up with ideas we create a good relationship with our clients in order to offer them high quality services and good products at reasonable prices. Identifying your business requirements, meeting them - highlighting that “something unique” you have to offer - and translating your business goals into design is our job.
Our way of doing this is through an ongoing communication with our clients, by fully understanding their field of business, their target audience, their competitors. This is essential and will ensure that all the points that need to be reached are fulfilled to the maximum potential of each budget.





Timescales vary depending on the type of design service and/or products needed, the amount of work and the number of drafts required to produce your final design, availability of our promotional merchandise as well as customer feedback and current workload. Because honesty is our best quality you may rarely hear from us that what you require will be ready...“tomorrow”... Successful completion always requires a certain amount of time and dedication.
As a general rule though, our aim is to always do our best and come back to our clients as soon as we can.


Costs depend on the type of design service and/or product you need.
Flexibility is our motto, so please feel free to give us a call explaining your requirements. According to these, we will provide you with a quotation.
Whenever just a simple telephone call will not suffice, we will be happy to organise a meeting to discuss your needs further. Initial cost estimations and guide prices will be followed with firm quotations once your requirements have been finalised.
If you have a set budget then please feel free to let us know what this is and we will be able to give you an idea of what we can produce and supply within that amount.


FINEYE have a client-friendly policy: all our customers are given the same level of service.
Therefore, whether you are a single person enterprise or a much larger organization, you will still receive from us all our attention, top-quality treatment and best prices.

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